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Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe

The Endangered Audio Research Spectravibe is an all-analog multi-effect pedal that is about to become your pedalboard's new secret weapon. Based off the retired Gristleizer stompbox, the Spectravibe is a new evolution in modulation and distortion that is destined to become the pulsating heart of your rig.


  • Tremolo
  • Vibrato
  • Rotary Cab Simulator
  • FET Distortion/Overdrive
  • Compressor
  • Auto Wah & Parked Wah
  • 3 expression pedal inputs for Speed, Depth, & Bias
  • Auto Gain Compensation circuit for consistent output
  • DIP switch on back panel with 4 switches:
  • DIP Switch A: Instrument/Line Level - use Spectravibe with guitars and synthesizers or pro-audio gear
  • DIP Switch B: Modulation Interrupt/Mix - an external CV signal at the Modulation input will either interrupt the internal LFO or mix with it
  • DIP Switch C: Modulation Cut/External - pressing the modulation footswitch will either turn off the internal modulation or it will toggle between the internal and external modulation (if a CV is plugged into the Modulation input)
  • DIP Switch D: Momentary/Latching Modulation Footswitch - toggles between momentary and latching functionality for the Modulation footswitch
  • High quality metalphoto faceplate
  • Custom-bent and powder-coated aluminum enclosure made in Asheville, NC
  • Gray rocker switches for Waveform mode and Modulation mode
  • Quiet Electronic Bypass switching - no mechanical pops when bypassing
  • Bright Frensel lens that pulses with the LFO speed and acts as on/off indicator
  • 9V adapter with 18V electronics using a special internal voltage converter means more headroom and drive
  • Hand-soldered and assembled in Asheville, NC with through-hole components
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Preamp N/A
Power Amp N/A
Overdrive/Distortion N/A
Fuzz N/A
Delay/Reverb N/A
Boost N/A
phaser N/A
d.i.box N/A
Bitcrusher N/A
Compressor N/A
Crossover Frequency splitter N/A
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