COG Effects T65 analogue octave

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COG Effects T65 analogue octave

Power Requirement  9vDC centre negative

The T-65 is engineered to allow bassists to fully explore the sonic landscape of the analogue octave pedal.

Analogue octaves aren't perfect: they glitch out and don't produce the "clean" octave signals that a digital octaver does, but they have a certain character that makes the sound much more musical and appealing to the ear. The T-65 is designed to provide the best possible tracking while retaining this character.

Level controls are included for dry signal, one octave down, one octave up, and the parallel effects loop. The Filter control is an adjustable low-pass filter on the octave down signal, ranging from tubby subby dubby tones through to buzzy synthy tones and everything in between. Tune your octave down to your own tastes. Neat.

The octave up is a bit dirty and helps add some presence back in to your sound when in a live band mix. It is by no means a clean reproduction of your sound an octave higher, and it isn't designed to be used as a standalone octave up on bass, but instead as an integrated part in this octave machine.

Experiment with different pedals in the effects loop. Turn the dry signal all the way down and use a Tarkin in the loop for the fattest, fullest fuzz sound you'll get without bi-amping. Really like that distortion pedal but hate that it kills your low end? Try blending it with your dry signal, an octave down and an octave up rather than just clean blending. 

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Preamp N/A
Power Amp N/A
Overdrive/Distortion N/A
Fuzz N/A
Delay/Reverb N/A
Boost N/A
phaser N/A N/A
Bitcrusher N/A
Compressor N/A
Crossover Frequency splitter N/A
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