Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should I rent?

At Effects Pedal Rental we believe the best way to tell if an effect works for you is to get the thing in your hands and try it. Youtube clips and reviews are helpful but there are too many variables.

On the input side there's your hands, your guitar, your strings, your picking style. On the output side there's your amp, your ears and any other effects you may have in the chain. Change one of these things and it effects the tone. But hey, thats why we do it. 

Sometimes that pedal your favourite player used, just doesn't work for you. The artwork was cool, you did your homework, it should have been AMAZING! So you take a hit on the price, move it on and start searching again.

What if you could spend a few weeks with some effects to really get to know them? In your own time, with your own equipment, at your own volume. Try that in your local music shop.

Need something short term for a studio session or tour?

Take some new toys to rehearsal and make your bandmates jealous but most importantly, have fun, experiment and create something. Different sounds make you play differently. We hope you will be inspired. 

Because its all Music. And thats what makes us tick.

2. How do I rent? 

Browse the library and check availability with the calendar. Rental periods are set at 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Choose your start date and the end date is selected automatically. In order to rent pedals you will need to join up and create an account.

Once you have checked out your order will arrive by post. When your rental period is over, return it in the post using our supplied packaging. Keep this packaging safe. Shipping is pre-paid and included in your cost at checkout. Please keep your post office receipt as proof of postage, you will need this if your rental goes missing. 

3. Can I buy Pedals?

Selected brands are available to buy from our website. Have a look at what's available. If there's something you want, just ask. We may have some ex-rental deals available.

4. What about power?

We usually do not include power supplies with the pedals however some specific units will ship with adaptors and this will be noted on the product listing. When using your own power supplies, please check you have the appropriate rating and polarity to power your pedal so you do not damage it. 

5. I lost my packaging. What should I do?

Don’t do that. We can send you out a new shipping container but we will have to charge you.

6. I think this pedal is broken?

We check every pedal on its return to us so you should only receive a working pedal. If you receive a faulty item we must be informed on the day you receive it. It should be returned to us for inspection and we can send out a replacement.

7. What if I don't send my pedal back on its due date?

To ensure we can provide our customers with the best service we depend on you to return goods on time. Remember somebody is patiently waiting in the rental queue to get it next. If you reserved the pedal for a certain day, it's probably because you wanted it that day. Please be considerate and post your rentals back on the right day. We will even send you a reminder so please check your emails. We reserve the right to charge additional fees if rentals are returned late. 

8. What if I break something?

Again, don't do that. By renting these items you are responsible for them while they are in your care. We would ask that you please treat these items carefully. If goods are returned damaged we may have to charge you repair fees or the cost of replacment. It also removes the items from the library and stops people getting access to them. We love effects, you love effects and the builders put real effort into designing and building them. So please don't disrespect that and don't trash them!

9. Why can't I use PayPal?

You can, but only for Sales. We require rental payments to be made by credit card for security. 

10. Why is my payment not accepted?

When we take your rental payment in some cases we may authorise your card for a further amount as a security deposit. This additional authorised amount may be charged in part or in full in the event of loss or damage to our stock while rented. 

11. How do I contact you?

Please contact us here:

Email:   info@fxpedalrental.com

Address:  11a Bonnyrigg Road, Midlothian, EH22 3EY, UK. 


Contact: info@fxpedalrental.com Address: 11a Bonnyrigg Road, Midlothian, EH22 3EY, UK.