Hilbish Design Beta PB-10 Preamp

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Hilbish Design Beta PB-10 Preamp

Buy or Rent the PB-10 Beta Bass and Guitar Preamp from FXPedalRental.

Based on the legendary Sunn Beta Bass and Lead amps. Featuring two channels that can be used independently or combined for a wide range of tones and controlled by the included footswitch. Each channel has its own effects loop that is accessible from the front panel or rear providing a variety of patching and routing options.

- Drive controls go from clean to over the top fuzz 
- Independent level controls for each channel for a range of blended tones 
- Three band active EQ for each channel 
- Effects loops for each channel accessible from the front and back panel for a wide variety of patching options, and allow delay spillover when switching channels 
- Channels A and B can be used separately or combined in parallel 
- Master effects loop 
- Universal power supply allows operation anywhere in the world 
- Included foot switch controls channel switching 
- Professionally powder coated Red Sparkle Faceplate 
- Custom faceplate colors available

More Information
Preamp Preamp
Power Amp N/A
Overdrive/Distortion Overdrive/Distortion
Fuzz N/A
Delay/Reverb N/A
Boost N/A
phaser N/A
d.i.box N/A
Bitcrusher N/A
Compressor N/A
Crossover Frequency splitter N/A
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